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sweden get OUT !

currently: excited for mads mikkelsen's new movie

name: christine
birthday: january the 9th. capricorn.
age: almost 15 , yay.
eyes: auburn
hair: dark brown
height: idk. something around 5'9'' - 5'8''
weight: no, go away -
accessories: "hipster" glasses , hufflepuff scarf.

am i cool yet

your name is Christine. you are an Danish girl. y'know, the opposite of what you wanted to be when you were younger. you have various of interests but no talents. you have no knowledge of homestuck but you like to pretend that you do since you have read till act 2. you're a major fan of friends, supernatural, the sims games, harry potter, the elder scrolls games and comics. - glee is good too. you've often been told that your music taste is old fashioned. or out of date. you don't care about that. diana and the supremes will always be on the top. but the few newer music you like includes fun, maroon 5, michael bublé and p!nk. marina and the diamonds are cool too. you are also very proud of your country, though you still think it suck most of the time. you get blushy and awkward in front of people you don't know. your dog, a labrador, is your best friend, together with your actual human best friend louise. and your cat, gucci, is the biggest diva in the house. you're very secretive, ecpecially of your private life. mostly when it's about your mother and yourself.

[ self roleplay account, srry
don't thank me for the watches/faves
i won't roleplay with mains, sorry ; ; ]


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By-My-Mighty-HAMMER Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
((...Odin damn I wanna make a self RP account now... ;u;

But it's nice to know I can find you here now. :'D ))
motherfucking-FEELS Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
"ChristINE." Mel poked her in the rib. "I'm gonna cry, Merlin is ripping my heart oUT." She whined and lifted Christine's arm, putting it around herself. "I need comfort."
(1 Reply)
cross--my-heart Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
[ i actually have no idea
how self'roleplay works
i mean
i don't know ]
worlds-COOLEST-witch Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
(( omF YOU ARE TALL ))
(1 Reply)
motherfucking-FEELS Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
[ if you're around 6'0" .... I'd break my feet trying to kISS YOU BC IM ONLY 5'2" ]
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